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The Raising The BARista program is a 12-month service culture program designed for hospitality venues including clubs, pubs, hotels, resorts and restaurants. In fact, any business that needs to provide awesome customer service to stand out from the competition can benefit from this program. And who doesn’t? When business services and products are so similar, it is only the way we deliver them that is different. Our program follows the same 12 steps outlined in the Raising The BARista book, in the same order, as this method is proven to build a sustainable and profitable service culture:

1. Culture Change
2. What Direction Are Your Team Leaders Taking?
3. Getting the Why? – Unlocking your awesome and profitable service culture
4. Leadership Characteristics and Values
5. Critical Culture Essentials – Skills for your front line team
6. Communication–- Successful influencing skills and conflict solutions for team leaders
7. Putting the Hospitality Back into Hospitality
8. Make Sure They Know We Care
9. Recruitment – Hiring for attitude, personality, and people skills
10. Performance Manage Them – Up or out but do it daily
11. Empowerment and Complaint Solutions
12. Rewards and Awards – Incentives that excite and motivate

Each step includes a workshop with action plans that are achievable and measureable. The program is currently running in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast in Queensland, which is the tourist capital of Australia.

In each venue, we work with the whole team including managers, front of house and back of house team members. The process is challenging and results oriented. It’s about implementation, not just ideas.

It creates not just a consistently great customer service environment in your business, but a real return on investment. It delivers more customers, coming more often, with a higher average spend.
• It turns managers into leaders.
• It turns staff into engaged and valued team members.
• It turns first time visitors into regulars into members into raving fans.

Our clients consistently say they are achieving results on the program far exceeding what they could have accomplished on their own.

Raising The BARista. A new phrase. And a new opportunity to re-write the rules, transform our industry and set a new benchmark in hospitality guest service culture. Change is long overdue.

Listen to this quick 2 minute video about why Zealifi has taken this bold initiative:
Justin McGurgan (co founder), Zealifi launch: Feb 2014

Your program includes the following:
• Discovery Session (pre-planning) with Executive Management Team
• Planning Session with Executive Management Team
• Service standards development with full Leadership Team
• Recognition and rewards development with full Leadership Team
• Individual and group personality profile of full Leadership Team
• Staff Culture Survey
• Member Culture Survey
• Zealifi Team attendance at Program Launch
• Raising The Barista Service Culture Manuals for all team members
• All materials including workbooks and handouts
• Service Culture workshops for all Team Leaders
• Service Culture workshops for all Team Members
• Follow up coaching visits after every workshop
• Mystery Visitor Surveys
• An awesome and profitable service culture

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Download these program reviews from top club managers to see how Raising the Barista can help your venue.

Julie Brunt,

Club Helensvale,

Gold Coast



Dermot McEnroe,

Northcliffe SLSC,

Gold Coast



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