Raising the BaristaRaising the Barista
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By Justin McGurgan

Reel in more guests: hook, line and sinker

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After more guests? It won’t happen floating impassively in a “Sea of Ordinary.”

In an increasingly competitive market, quality of service to the customer is crucial to success and reeling in more guests.

We cannot afford to be complacent. The hospitality industry is dynamic, consumers are more sophisticated and knowledgeable.
If we are to maintain or grow our business, we must continue to retain existing customers as well as attract new ones – particularly in view of the fact that it costs at least six times more to get a new customer as it does to keep an existing one.

Service quality is critical to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and therefore business competitiveness and profitability. We must put the Hospitality back into Hospitality.

Putting the hospitality back into hospitality means focusing on communication, customer relations, engagement and service.
Focussing on skill development, versatility, innovation, self-reliance and self-confidence will turn ordinary into extraordinary and reel the guests in hook, line and sinker.

Great service experiences driven from a strong culture and identity are not only incredibly rare, they are also pretty unexpected. This is where your opportunity lies.

More guests more often is all about Culture. Do you have your Culture niche happening?
How do you put your critical culture essentials into practise everyday to WOW your guests?
Do your team know the true meaning of service and the results “great service” harvests?
Do your team know what makes service memorable, unexpected, emphatic and authentic?
Do you believe you are brilliant at customer service or just good?
Do you have any strategies in place to do anything “differently” therefore “memorable?”
How do you ensure there is lots of hospitality in your hospitality business?

The truth is, lasting impressions are made at the edges, where people step outside the normal and expected
routines and do something different.

That’s the thing about hospitality service, unless it’s awesome or bloody terrible, it tends to wash over us in a ‘sea of ordinary’.

About justin-mcgurgan
About Justin - author of Raising The BARista Justin McGurgan is a hospitality industry ‘tragic’ (veteran) who foresees possibilities and sets the pace. He is passionate about the hospitality industry, loves awesome customer service and helping hospitality venues unlock their true potential. His enduring passion is to show industry friends that an outstanding culture is absolutely profitable and energises the hospitality industry making it a powerful source of truly fantastic experiences for everyone it touches. Justin has spent his entire working life from the age of 16 working in and with hospitality venues around Australia. His industry knowledge combined with management skills gained from front line, management and development roles in clubs, casinos, and hotels, provides the depth of expertise required to remain at the forefront of the hospitality industry’s evolution and progress. After 30 years in hospitality Justin is still 101% driven to build a superlative service culture.

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