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Don’t Make These Mistakes in your Business

Seven Mistakes Hospitality Businesses Make

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Learn the Seven Mistakes Hospitality Businesses Make

1. Doing the same things every day and expecting a different result

2. Believing new buildings impress guests more than the experience

3. Pushing marketing out instead of pulling people in

4. Believing flat or declining income is the economy’s fault

5. Not realising how important it is to be getting guests to say ‘wow’

6. Thinking that average is acceptable

7. Being too willing to follow others than take the lead

People say we’re in the hospitality industry. I think it’s the belief business. We believe in the power of good hospitality and heartfelt dialogue. We believe in our ability to make a difference, and bring joy and fulfilment into people’s lives. That’s what we’re buying into. That’s the culture of hospitality we’re creating. We sell happiness. So should you.

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