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By Susan Dennison

Never before has the need for leaders to understand what influences people’s behaviour been quite so important. The expectation by employers and business is that, whether it be a start-up business, a renovation, or a redirection, getting people to engage and invest in our business is the most important step.

When we consider the characteristics, traits and the widely differing personalities we all encounter it’s not unfair to say there are those who are immediately engaging and those who are not, those who are introverted and those who are out there.

Keeping up regular assessments of your team’s personality traits is essential to maintain a good customer service orientation.
Like any good system, investing in a balanced team to keep all members challenged (for those who need challenging) is a good thing. Remain constant (for those who need reassurance), use humour and make things fun (for those who tend to get extremely serious), remain focussed and encouraging (for those who don’t find coming forward easy).

The joy for hospitality businesses is that no one set of traits is likely to be more popular than any others. There are so many different types of jobs and skills to be performed that we can safely say there may be some characteristic traits more suited to some roles than others.

It’s not about carrying the wrong people, it’s about the right people doing jobs that best reflect their personalities rather than being stifled in jobs that don’t reflect their personalities – the classic ‘round pegs in square holes’.

For each identified trait there will be advantages and disadvantages. The essential ingredient here is not to put greater value on one over the other but better still to see how a particular type can improve the value of the team and match a particular group of responsibilities.

Success for our future is in recognising the amazing potential in our teams, and in our leaders.

Celebrating their differences, and then applying those differences to the varied roles you have.

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